Renovating a kitchen can be a lot of fun when you plan your project carefully, and it offers terrific financial rewards if you give it a spruce up before putting your home on the market.

The kitchen is one of the most influential areas of a home in the eyes of buyers. It can contribute 10-20% of the property’s total price. 

So, making even minor enhancements to your kitchen ahead of a sale can help maximise the property’s value.

Below, we’ve recommended seven important considerations when renovating a kitchen; and they’re relevant whether you’re about to sell your property or you’ve just moved in and want to put your stamp on your new home. 

Long-term style

For a kitchen that will add to the value of your home, go for timeless styles and colour combinations. Don’t fall into the trap of chasing the latest fashions, as these tend to last less than two years and will date your home.

Colour blind

If you’ve always wanted an olive kitchen, or any other colour, just be aware that the more outlandish your selection, the more likely that prospective buyers will have second thoughts when you’re trying to sell.

Keep benchtops natural

Many elements make a kitchen, and one of the most important is the benchtop material. If budget permits it, select a natural stone such as marble or quartzite, a form of sandstone. These are the most durable surfaces. Engineered surfaces, such as quartz, are an excellent second choice.

Simple lighting works

Focus on throwing light on the work areas. It’s frustrating to be chopping in the shadows or in a dark corner of the kitchen. Stick to classic, simple shades, too. The lights should not be the star of the kitchen.

Triangular thinking

The placement of the sink, cooker and fridge are essential to the success of any kitchen. Experts will tell you all day long to place them in a triangle. Never put one next to the other because it can wreck the kitchen’s traffic flow. You want to avoid someone cooking at the stove having to move because somebody else just opened the fridge door.

Appliances turn heads

Top-quality European appliances remain the top preference for many buyers. While high-quality ovens, cooktops and dishwashers can dent the budget, prospective buyers love them.

Top tapware

Like appliances, you’ll find elegant tapware makes a favourable impression.